Why The Black Fox?

Inari is known in Japanese culture as the spirit of rice. Inari’s name means “Carrier of the rice plant.” Inari not only protects the rice harvest, but is the patron of prosperity for farmers and merchants in Japan; especially those involved in rice production. In modern times, images of Inari have all but disappeared, replaced instead by images of Inari’s messenger, the fox.

In 2006, Robbins Rice Company collaborated with Ichiro Tamaki, the leader of Koshihikari rice in California. Mr. Tamaki has been a mentor to our growers, helping to replicate traditional Japanese growing techniques, in an effort to bring superior quality Koshihikari rice to consumers of California. The Black Fox on our label pays homage to Mr. Tamaki, and the guidance he has given us through the years looking out over our fields.