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Farm Production


We can confidently say we have quality rice! We can guarantee our rice is of outstanding quality and maintains its integrity through our integrated farming practices.

Here at Black Fox we don’t just say it, we live it! From sun up to sun down we have our hands in the soil, ensuring all aspects of the rice production cycle are closely monitored. We start with our fall cover crops, then move to our precision seeding and fertility programs and finish up with harvest, where our high tech combines gently separate the plump kernels from the head, all while monitoring the moisture content prior to the rice entering the grain tank.

In 2006, Robbins Rice Company collaborated with Ichiro Tamaki, the leader of Koshihikari rice in California. Mr. Tamaki has been a mentor to our growers, helping to replicate traditional Japanese growing techniques, in an effort to bring superior quality Koshihikari rice to consumers of California. The Black Fox on our label pays homage to Mr. Tamaki, and the guidance he has given us through the years looking out over our fields.

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