About Us


Black Fox Brand markets the highest quality premium short grain Koshihikari rice in the US. Black Fox Brand is committed in providing American consumers with authentic Japanese quality rice.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being good stewards of the land by participating in environmental practices that promote and protect the local and migrating wildlife in our region.  




Robbins Rice Company is family owned and operated in Robbins, CA. We are located in the heart of the rice growing region of the Sacramento Valley. Since 2006, Robbins Rice has been under the guidance of Ichiro Tamaki, learning the traditional Japanese growing techniques. Mr. Tamaki is the pioneer who introduced the Koshihikari variety to California. After a decade of mastering the craft of Koshihikari production, we are pleased to introduce our BLACK FOX BRAND.



It is widely considered the highest-quality rice produced in Japan; favored for its appearance, firmness, consistency, aroma and natural sweetness.  True rice connoisseurs consider it to be the perfect rice for both sushi and general consumption.